Mouse Mover

I have a wireless keyboard, but no a wireless mouse. So I made a program to move my mouse using my keyboard.


This software is actually not needed, in Windows press LEFT ALT+LEFT SHIFT+NUM LOCK to activate mousekeys. Find out more here.


Other files:
VB6 Runtime Files

Mouse Mover v1.0 Read Me

© 2000 Kevin Muma

Unzip to desired install directory

VB6 Runtime Files are required.

Run MouseMover.exe

Hold down the Windows Key and:
A - About & Exit

Up Arrow - Move Mouse Up
Down Arrow - Move Mouse Down
Right Arrow - Move Mouse Right
Left Arrow - Move Mouse Left

Z - Speed up movement
X - Slow down movement

Space - Change Left Mouse State Up/Down (eg. Press Twice to click)
C - Change State of Right Mouse

© 2000 all rights reserved. Redistribution prohibited.
Read Licence.txt for more information.