Marble Racer

Marble Racer is a mod for Unreal Tournament 2004.

I created it for my Game Development Course at the University of Western Ontario.

The High Concept

Fast paced racing so insane you may lose your marbles. The vehicles used for racing are spherical. The vehicles are driven by changing the center of gravity, similar to a giant hamster ball, however these vehicles will have motors for more speed.

The Story

The year is 2030 and you have been selected to compete in the latest made for TV extreme sport. To win the grand prize you must fist qualify and then beat all your opponents in a series of races.

The Features Summary

  • Fast paced arcade action
  • Advanced Karma Physics Engine
  • Unique vehicle design keeps you in the action longer with 0 degree turning radius
  • Exciting multiplayer races
  • Cool power ups and abilities


This game is a racing game with the focus on fun and fast paced action. Having a spherical vehicle adds more freedom to the player's movement. No longer will they have to backup when they hit a wall.

The new driving system will give the player new challenges as well, because the handling will be different from every other real world vehicle.