Pizza Parlour Fractions

This flash game is the result of the group project for my Human Computer Interaction (HCI) course. It does not represent a polished finished project, but rather the first prototype in the iterative HCI design process.

The Project Goal

The assignment was to redesign an existing educational game utilising HCI principals in order to improve the user experience. Our group decided to improve the Fraction Track Game. At its core, this game is similar to abacus for fractions.

The Enhancements

It was clear from the beginning that we wanted to give the game an overall theme to tie the game together and make it more relevant to 9 year old children, our target audience.

After brain storming and debate the pizza parlour was chosen to provide our theme. It provides a fun setting children can identify with and the pizzas offer a good visual representation of fractions.


Flash was chosen for the platform because it would give us the ability to quickly put together a visual user interface. Since none of the group members had much experience with Flash, there was some concern about how programmable it would be. Luckily Action Script proved quite powerful.

My main contribution to development was the pizza sliders. The goal was to not have to create lots of pizzas to represent all the different fractions. Instead a 120 frame animation of a pizza changing from empty to full was created. This allowed any fraction to be show simply by showing the correct frame in the animation. For example 1/2 would be frame 60.

Drawing the fraction lines is accomplished though action script drawing functions, so that when a pizza object is created the correct lines are drawn based on the denominator for that pizza's fraction.