Site Tool

Site Tool is a content management and templating system I developed in php. I created Site Tool while designing the website.


The template system separates the page content from the site layout, and automatically generates navigation bars based on the current directory and page. Templates are modular and quite flexible, even supporting image galleries with automatic thumbnails, drop shadows, and watermarking.

File Manager

Basic file management tasks can be performed from a web browser

File Manager Screenshot

HTML Editor

The HTML editor supports insertion of common HTML tags

HTML Editor Screenshot

including images:

Add Image Dialog Screenshot


Because the code has evolved from a prototype, unfortunately it is rather messy.

However here is some of the cleaner source code which I used to help with image gallery creation.

  • imglib.php - Some helpful image functions I created for use with my image gallery scripts.
  • testimg.php - a simple example of how to use some of the functions